Radhe Radhe: The Rites of Holi and The Rite of Spring

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Photo by William Keeran

Faculty and participants from Ensemble Evolution join Vijay Iyer for a performance of Radhe Radhe, a live film score paired with a new arrangement of Stravinsky’s original Rite to create an unforgettable alloy of new and old. 

Holi is known around the world as a joyful, chaotic and colorful celebration of springtime in India.  In response to Stravinsky’s own famously chaotic work about springtime, pianist and composer, Vijay Iyer, and filmmaker/collaborator, Prashant Bhargava, were intrigued by the possible connection with Holi. The result is also a ballet of sorts: a performative encounter between live music and film, between lived experience and myth, the self and the transformed self, winter and spring.

Zosha di Castri - La Forma dello Spazio
Stravinsky arr Colno t- Rite of Spring
Vijay Iyer - Rites of Holi